Scratch And Win

Scratch cards are the newest discovery of online casinos. They are the internet version of the popular scratch cards that feature areas that hide information you can’t see until you scratch them. The online versions are even simpler as it takes just one click to play and have fun

Here we have tried and reviewed all the best casinos that offer scratch cards, and below are some of the favorite sites. In the list you will find only casinos with the best payouts, the widest game selections and the highest security standards.

In general, just scratch the designated area to see if we won, or reveal the secret code. Normally this is done with a coin, key or your fingernails. In other cases, only some parts need to be scratched, making a choice, a bet, and based on which areas are scratched you win or lose. If too many areas are scratched, the card is no longer valid. Once you have lost you can scratch everything, and see what could have been won.

Scratch cards are a fairly popular form of gambling, thanks to their low cost and real-time winnings. There is an upward trend for their costs, as higher costs ensure rewards of up to millions of dollars both live and online.

Scratch Cards Online

Of course, if you can play it live, online casinos have found a way for you to experience the same online experience. Online scratch cards are the exact same thing as the ones you buy from the tobacconist. The game system is based on clicking on certain areas to reveal hidden information to determine the prize. The casino and the company providing the software are responsible for determining the odds of winning; and very often they are better online than live ones, which is why they are starting to become popular in online casinos.

Scratch cards can be divided into two groups: web-based and downloadable, and some casinos offer both. The web-based version are the most common. For these, the player does not have to download any type of program, using the Flash-based software, even if the appropriate plugin is obviously necessary. Downloadable scratch cards, on the other hand, are available at most casinos, and are included in the software you download to start playing.

Fun and Popular

Scratch cards, whether live or online, require no skill as they are a game of pure luck. For this reason they are a game accessible to all and particularly appreciated by the public who are not afraid of not knowing what to do or playing badly.As

with other popular games such as keno or slot machines, casinos often offer bonuses for playing scratch cards. and win, sometimes up to 100% or more of the deposit. This means that if you deposit $ 50 into your account, the casino will give you another $ 50. Obviously there are limitations that you cannot withdraw that money right away, but you will have to play a certain number of games before you can. These kinds of promotions are a potentially lucrative way to start your scratch card experience.